Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starting Yervoy

I'm writing this while I am receiving my first treatment of Yervoy! I found it interesting that unlike other treatments I have had intravenously this one doesn't require any premedication like benedryl. I'll let you know about how it affects me later.

We went to the show "Bring It On" last night and had a good time. The reason I bring this up is that about 2 months ago I decided to grow a handlebar mustache and goatee. (since I don't have hair on my head now I figured I might as well grow it where I can) While we were waiting for the show to start the lady next to me asked if she could take my picture! Haha, second time that's happened since I started growing it! Oh and the doctor said that one possible side affect of Yervoy is it could turn my hair white. I think I'm safe! Prayers for all the warriors out there fighting this terrible affliction and for their support teams!