Sunday, January 15, 2012

Embracing the Mundane Monotony of Everyday Life

Today when I was in Sunday School we were talking about joy and thankfulness and someone said that they had a tough time being joyful in the mundane every day things.  Wow, have I changed, just over a year ago I would have agreed, but not now, I now find joy in the mundanely monotonous details of each day.   I have learned that it is the journey that is important, not reaching a goal or destination.  I now live my life like I used to live only on vacation. What I'm saying is how many of us book a cruise for instance and then try to figure out shortcuts to get back instead of enjoying the different ports that you pull into. In each port you try to schedule the things that you will most enjoy and usually find that you don't have enough time to do everything.  This is how you should live your life, where ever you find yourself enjoy the moment, the people, the places, the emotions and that you are there. Now I can't speak for everyone whose ever had cancer, heck I can't even speak for everyone whose been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, but I can and will speak for myself, I thank God for every day.  When I am in pain I am thankful for the pain.  I still have parts of my neck where I don't feel anything and I can remember one time when I had a staff infection and the doctor was sticking a swab over 2 inches into an abscess on my neck and I was totally unaware of it.  I prefer the pain. 

I don't know if I'll be in remission for one more month or twenty years, but I refuse to waste the time that I have worrying about dieing.  I will spend my time loving, laughing, learning and teaching others about the dangers of skin cancer and melanoma in particular.  I will also continue to pray for all those who are dealing with melanoma and their families.

Peace and Grace

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  1. Your outlook on like should be in everyone's hearts. I believe that God would want us to live that way.
    My husband and I just finished reading "Heaven is four real" and it has changed the way I see things. The earthly things aren't important so I need to live one day at a time, without trying to figure it out.