Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Should I Be Concerned!

You'll notice that I didn't put a question mark at the end of my title, because for melanoma survivors this is a fact of life!  What brings this to mind is my own situation, for the last three or four days I have had a sore throat, which affects my ear, which was affected by the radical neck dissection and radiation that I had. Yesterday I had a CT scan and this morning they called to schedule me to have the neck portion redone tomorrow.  They didn't know why! I do know that the technician that did it was working his first day and seemed unfamiliar with the equipment, but?  There's always that but in the back of your mind, whether it be a sore throat, a new ache, a pimple or a test that they want to redo, it's always there.  That what if this is a new attack, what if the drug or treatment I'm taking isn't working. We all live with it.  I watched a doctor show the other night where they were giving a patient the option of removing a brain tumor or waiting to see if it started to grow, they cut it out. Then the doctor reveals to his colleague that his father and brother died of a disease that could be genetically tested for, but he had not been tested because if it was negative he would be living under a death sentence.  Just off hand I would prefer either of those scenarios to the one that melanoma gives us.

Sorry, I kinda got off track!  What gets me through this?  Faith in God and the fact that I don't have to understand the whole picture.  Hearing about others facing these same issues on Pages like Melanoma Prayer Center, Stomping out Melanoma, Kick Cancer, Aim at Melanoma, Dodged a Bullet - Fight Against Melanoma, Miles Against Melanoma, The Skin Cancer Foundation, and Black is the New Pink - Fight Melanoma. All great pages!
Please Pray for Me!
I'm Praying for all Melanoma Warriors and their families!

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  1. Darryll,
    Think positive! I have been watching a spot on my year old scar and my mind keeps playing that recording over and over...you know the one. I just turn it over to God for positive thoughts.