Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I call this Blog Club Melanoma!

I decided that it is time I explained my reasoning for calling this Blog Club Melanoma. When I sat down and decided to start blogging the first question was what it was going to be called.  Honestly, I hadn't thought about it before that, so I looked at the other blogs that I was following and thought about what there reasoning might have been.  I knew that I wanted to have Melanoma in the title and as I was thinking I remembered when I was first diagnosed that I thought about letting my friends on facebook know by saying that I had been nominated for the cancer survivors club and I hoped I made the cut. OK I admit it I have a warped sense of humor, but that was before I knew much about Melanoma and I also didn't understand that as soon as you are diagnosed you are a survivor.  Needless to say my wife shot that idea down. I thought about that idea and found many applicable things that fit.  I've listed some of the Club Melanoma member rules:

     1. Membership is exclusive, you can't apply for it or be recommended, you have to be diagnosed.
        (Though membership is exclusive you can increase your odds of being a member through
        tanning beds and overexposure to the sun.)

     2.  We don't want new members!  The Club is already entirely too large!

     3.  All memberships are lifetime memberships!  We do have professionals looking for ways to get
        us out of the club and shut it down!  So far no luck.

     4. We have a roller coaster and members are required to ride it.

     5.  Even though we are not a secret club, we are largely underrated and ignored.

     6.  Our members are often involved in experimental drug use.

     7.  We don't have a secret language, but those who hear us talking may think we do because we
         use terms that sometimes sound like a secret language.

     8.  We do have associate memberships, however these are reserved for family and close friends
         and are not always lifetime.

     9.  We do not have a roster of members, a directory, or membership cards and no secret

     10.  Our members are known to hang out in and around oncology clinics.

     11.  We do not require our members to believe in God, however be forewarned that those of
          us who do will pray for all members regardless of their beliefs.

     12. We are fighters and will fight to the death!

God Bless


  1. Great post! I love the rules, even though I can't say I love being a member!

  2. haha, love your blog! I'm an associate member, having lost my father to melanoma in 2001, and a sister had a shallow one removed6 years ago. Don't know if there's a melanoma gene, but if there is, we seem to have it. So I know how vigilant I need to be with myself and children, getting our skin checked constantly. Anyway, I enjoy reading your thoughts, keep it up! Darcie

  3. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, would you mind emailing me when you get a chance?